TESTIMONIAL - We Are Shining Everybody's Life!

At Comfort Care Adult Family Home, we aren't happy until you and your loved ones are happy. Our professional staff will provide the very best home care. Our supervisory staff will conduct residential visits to make sure that your needs are being met; and make suggestions to improve the safety and well-being of our patients and their loved ones. We won't stop working until you and your loved ones are delighted by our care.


Maury passed away at about 5:15 PM today (August 4th) at Bethany at Pacific nursing and rehab center. He lived a good life of 98 years and 5 months.

Over the past year Maury has had numerous opportunities to check out, and managed to recover each time. He spent time, off and on, in nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. He had his own apartment in an assisted living place for a few months. Finally, after a hospital stay early this year we found (Comfort Care) a very nice family home where he received great care from an owner and staff who got to know and love him. He was visited by family, friends and neighbors - which provided him the most joy. His (Comfort Care) adult family home threw him a wonderful 98th birthday party. He often listened to music on his tape and CD players, and continued his lifelong love of reading. The last book he read - while at Bethany the last couple of weeks - is Kirk Douglas' "Let's Face It," which Douglas wrote when he was 90. His nurse said the best conversation she had with him was talking about this book. He was able to have a couple of emotional visits with his dog, Charlie, over the past two weeks. As soon as I put Charlie on the bed he immediately rolled over to get scritches from Maury - something he doesn't do with Tom and I. One of his favorite singers was Stan Cole, who occasionally sang in a group with Maury. I brought Maury Stan's self-published tape, "Stan Cole Sings Requests" with a tape player and earphones last week so he could listen to it - which he greatly enjoyed.

We haven't yet made plans for a celebration of Maury's life, but I think it will take place around the 16th somewhere near the folks' home near Green Lake. Maury didn't want a formal memorial, so it will be simple. We will try to get a notice published in the Seattle Times. Maury had many "lives" packed into his 98 years, with many occupations and interests, and many friends, so many of whom preceded him, and, I'm sure, are happy to be reunited with their old friend and brother. I will let you know more details as they evolve.

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